Shawn Ryan Show - David Nino Rodriguez Heavyweight Boxing Champ

David Nino Rodriguez Heavyweight Boxing Champ

Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion David Niño Rodriguez joins me on The Shawn Ryan Show to discuss how being bullied as a child lead him to become a heavyweight boxing champion with an undefeated record of 36-0. Thirty-four by knockout.

His first round knockout ratio surpassed every heavyweight in history. Nino was ranked number 12 in the world by WBA.  After being stabbed in the face with a knife he tried to comeback but suffered 2 losses finishing his boxing career with a final record of 39-2.

Nino speaks about his dilemma suffering from social anxiety, leading a life of sobriety, and how he is overcoming PTSD. Rodriguez is now an anti-bullying keynote speaker and bestselling author of the book When The Lights Go Out.